Two Men Followed Kim Kardashian-West For Three Days Before She Was Robbed

By: Eric Donnelly

Now this is scary…Kim Kardashian-West was followed by two men for three days leading up to her being robbed at gunpoint!

The Daily Mail is reporting this story with sources close to the French Police. “The two men – described as ‘Caucasian’ and ‘North African’ – posed as a plain-clothed detective and as a photographer to gain vital ‘close surveillance’ information for robbery.”

The reason they did this was to gain intel as to what the reality starlet would be up to, where she would be, etc. “One man is said to have acted suspiciously, joining the paparazzi ‘pack’ to gain ‘inside’ information about the star’s movements while the other man apparently posed as a detective to seek access to the star at a restaurant.”

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Apparently, one man even tried to enter her building ahead of the armed robbery early Monday morning. Unfortunately, the robbers avoided all cameras that were in the surrounding area.

People have been calling out the icon for not having the appropriate level of security, but a friend of her’s has spoken out. “It sounds crazy but understand she’s in her own home, in an apartment with only one entry point which is coded with two keys and keypad. If a guard was there, what would have happened differently. Her guard doesn’t carry a gun. They had five guns – most likely more.”

More information should come out within the next few days. Maybe a public statement from Kim will happen too?


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