by Alisha Jackson

Today on The Ellen Show, Chrissy Teigen learned that opening someone else’s mail is a federal offense. Thankfully, she learned this from Ellen, and not the cops, but they may be knocking on her door soon.

This fun Teigen tidbit came after the new mom bragged about her home, which happens to be RiRi’s former residence. “I never in my life thought I would be cool enough to have like a Rihanna pad, ever,” Teigen confessed. When Ellen asked her if Rihanna left anything behind, Teigen said no in disappointment, which brought up the topic of the singer’s mail.

“The one fun thing that does happen every once in a while is I get a bill of hers, and I really want to somehow give it back to her,” Teigen shared. “So I tried to bring it to the GRAMMYs, and John [Legend] said ‘No, that doesn’t look cool. Please don’t, you’re embarrassing me,” she recalled before publicly telling Rihanna that she owes eighteen dollars to Bigotti. Once Ellen realized that Teigen had actually opened the bill, she informed her that it’s a federal crime.

“Are we gonna edit this?” a concerned Teigen asked Ellen before joking, “This is why I can’t run for president.” Watch their hysterical exchange below!


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