Ben Affleck Finds Out Pats Lost on Camera
Ben Affleck was doing press on Sunday for his new movie when Sports Illustrated showed up to interview him… and he asked what the score of the Pats game was… and he had to find out that the Pats were losing while on camera. He also revealed that Batman v. Superman is his biggest success, according to him, because more people saw it than any of his other movies. Ben added that the stand-alone Batman movie that he’s writing, starring in and directing has a working title of simply “The Batman.”

Ryan Lochte: Phelps Never Helped Me
Ryan Lochte is still talking about his Rio Robbery incident, and this time he claims that even though he asked Michael Phelps for help, and even though Michael Phelps claims that he did indeed help Ryan, Michael didn’t actually call him to help.

Harry Potter Movies Coming to Imax
All eight Harry Potter movies are coming to Imax Theaters for one week, starting next Thursday – and it’s the first time that the first two movies will have ever been shown in Imax. The showings are prepping for the November 18th release of the spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Details
According to TMZ, the entire Kim Kardashian robbery took around 6 minutes. She heard people coming up her stairs so she rolled off of the bed and tried to call her bodyguard. The robbers took her phone away, tied her up with zip ties, duct tape and handcuffs, and then pulled her by her ankles. She reportedly thought she was going to be sexually assaulted. They only spoke French but kept repeating “ring,” which is the ring she was flaunting on social media not too long ago that Kanye bought her worth about $5M. She was apparently screaming too much so they duct taped her mouth and put her in the bathtub. They finally left. Meanwhile, Kim’s friend was sleeping downstairs and called Kim’s bodyguard, who showed up about two minutes after the robbers left. Rumors are that people believe it was an inside job. The main body guard was back with Kim and Kanye when they arrived in NYC yesterday. The arrived with about 10 cars and 15 bodyguards.

Lady Gaga Opens Up about Ex Fiance
Lady Gaga opened up about her song Perfect Illusion and how it relates to her former fiance Taylor Kinney, saying that it’s about EVERY person’s relationship – struggling to figure out what is real in an era of perfect illusions created on the internet thanks to things like social media.

Ben Affleck’s Daughter Met T.Swift
Ben Affleck revealed that he took his two girls to meet Taylor Swift and it was “like God came down and walked on water. They didn’t say a thing. They were totally frozen.”

Demi Lovato on Drugs, Taylor Swift & Her Ex
Demi Lovato opened up about a bunch of things – one being her drug triggers, since she is a recovering addict. She said that she can’t watch it in movies – she’s never watched the Wolf of Wall Street, she can’t do it. She also revealed that she had to break up with her ex because being sick was always a part of her relationship with him – she always had something wrong with her – it was time to let go of that. She was asked what she thinks about Taylor Swift’s squad, and she was honest – “This will probably get me in trouble, but I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad with a normal body. It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like.” People clearly didn’t enjoy this… and she responded:

Steven Avery Calls of Engagement
Last week we found out that Steven Avery from the Netflix series Making a Murderer was engaged while in prison – but he just called it off, calling her a gold digger. She was paid to appear on Dr. Phil’s show yesterday, and Steven felt her motives were purely monetary.

Luke’s Coffe Shop from Gilmore Girls is REAL
Gilmore Girls is celebrating their new release on Netflix, which is happening next month, by creating pop-ups of Lukes Diner (the famous diner on the show) all across the country… tomorrow morning from 7a – noon, you can head over to Cafenation in Brighton and be a part of Stars Hollow (the town where Gilmore Girls takes place). I AM DEAD.

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