Loren’s LoDown: 10/3/16

Tom Brady Spotted with Sons in NYC
Tom Brady was spotted having dinner at a fancy sushi restaurant in NYC this weekend by a spy of mine… he was there with his two boys… and my spy said the boys weren’t very well-behaved (but that’s just one person’s opinion). Gisele wasn’t with them, but they did FaceTime with her during dinner. Tom was seen later in the weekend practicing at a high school in Brookline.

The Rock Wants you to Register to Vote
The Rock and his buds put together a nice little song to remind us that it only takes us 94 seconds on average to register to vote, so we better get on it or else the Rock will hunt us down.

Kim K Robbed, Kanye Cuts off Show
Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last night as men posing as police officers rushed into her room – her husband Kanye West was 45 minutes into his show in NY when he heard the news, so he canceled the remainder of his show. Kim allegedly was tied up and locked in the bathroom while the thieves ran off with 10 million worth of jewelry and two iPhones. Their children are believed not to have been with her at the time.

Lady Gaga Doing Dive Bar Tour
Lady Gaga opened up about her upcoming album Joanne, explaining that the reason she has a bit of every type of music – country, dance, pop, etc – is because she wants to be able to connect with everyone, on a very human level. Gaga also announced that she’s going to be doing a dive bar tour with Bud Light and details will be released on Thursday… looks like she’s performing at 3 dive bars in the month of October.

Britney Spears: No Collab with Timberlake
(Duh… did anyone REALLY think this was happening?!) Britney Spears just dashed everyone’s dreams – she revealed that she doesn’t REALLY think a Timberlake/Spears collaboration is happening.

Kings of Comedy + John Mayer Unite on Stage
John Mayer, Dave Chapelle, Aziz Ansari and Chris Rock got together to perform at a comedy club in Manhattan this weekend. So, Dave and Chris started doing stand up…then Aziz Ansari came up to join them… then John Mayer joined them… after running a few blocks to get his guitar. They had a jam session of songs mixed with comedy. This lasted for three hours. YES PLEASE.

Chris Brown: Off the Hook for Gun Charges?
Looks like Chris Brown might be off the hook for the time that he allegedly pulled a gun on one of his house guests – authorities have failed to gather more evidence.

Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick’s Awkward Trolls Reveal
Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick were in London to celebrate their movie Trolls, and they were doing a huge presentation in front of the London Eye, a huge Ferris Wheel. Justin and Anna were supposed to hit a big red button that would then light up the London Eye with rainbow colors… except, it didn’t work. And they had to stand there on stage and try to get through it. Eventually, the people in charge made the colors happen.

Bruno Mars’ Album is DONE!

Schwarzenegger Rides Bike on Train Platform
Arnold Schwarzenegger got stopped by a cop in Munich, Germany because he was riding his bicycle on a train platform. He apologized, and apparently all was well because he took a selfie with the cop and went on his way.

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