Fifth Harmony Literally Did NOTHING When Ally Brooke Got Attacked By A Fan Onstage

by Alisha Jackson

Can someone please explain why Fifth Harmony‘s Ally Brooke has a target on her back? Girl visited AMP, and she was awesome. So why are “fans,” and even some of her own band members on the attack?

Yesterday we reported on Ally’s airport attack, where a crazed “fan” went in for a selfie, and grabbed the singer’s shirt so hard that she nearly fell to the ground.

Last night, Ally was attacked again, this time onstage in front of her fellow Fifth Harmony band members. During the girls’ shoutout to their musicians, a crazed fan managed to make his way onto the stage and pull the singer down to the ground. Check out the scary footage below.

While this was going down, something even more shocking happened on stage. Ally’s bandmates not only stood by and watched her get attacked, but Dinah waved goodbye to the assaulter and even blew him a kiss as security escorted him off the stage!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Ally’s bandmates didn’t have her back. When Dinah accidentally(?) tripped Ally on their way up to the VMAs stage to accept Fifth Harmony’s award for Best Collaboration, she showed no sympathy.

Later on in the night, Dinah could be seen smiling after Ally tripped again.

Fifth Harmony have now cancelled nine shows on their 7/27 tour with no explanation. Are we witnessing the beginning of the group’s end?


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