Rob Kardashian Admits That Sister Kim Was His Childhood Crush

by Alisha Jackson

We wish we could say that Rob Kardashian‘s words were taken out of context, but he 100% just admitted that his sister Kim Kardashian was his childhood crush, and we are 200% disturbed.

The reality star veteran and his pregnant fiancĂ©e Blac Chyna sat down with E! for an interview about their childhood crushes, which went from cutesy to creepy in a matter of seconds. When asked who her childhood crush was, Blac Chyna gave an answer that all kids of the 80’s can relate to — Ricky Martin. Rob’s crush, Jennifer Lopez, was just as predictable. His next answer, however, was not.

“And Kim Kardashian,” Blac Chyna chimed in, to which Rob agreed, “that is also pretty accurate.” “These are facts,” Blac Chyna added.

Now all we can think about is Kim’s infamous tape, and whether Rob watched it… AHHHHHHHH. Watch Rob and Blac Chyna’s bizarre interview below.


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