Disney Announces Lion King Remake
Disney announced yesterday that they’re going to be doing a remake of the Lion King, and Jon Favreau will be directing. He also directed Jungle Book from earlier this year. The Lion King will feature some original songs from the movie that came out 22 years ago and it’s likely that it will be released in 2018.

Alec Baldwin to Guest on SNL as Trump
Saturday Night Live announced their next host and musical guest for their second show on October 8th. Creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda will be the host along with Twenty-One Pilots will be the musical guest. They also announced that Alec Baldwin will be playing Donald Trump, beginning with the premiere this weekend. It’s sort of like how Larry David kept coming on to do Bernie Sanders last season.

Calvin & Taylor are Friends Again
Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are reportedly friends again. TMZ is reporting that the two got back in contact via text after she broke up with Tom Hiddleston and while they aren’t rekindling anything, they are being cool and civil.

Big Papi Drives for Lyft
Big Papi went undercover as a Lyft driver and oh man was it great. He was driving around Boston and people had no idea who he was.

Miley Guest Hosts for Ellen, is “Whacky”
Miley Cyrus revealed to Elle Magazine that she, at one point, was probably the lowest-paid actor on her own show Hannah Montana. She said that it wasn’t until her mom wised up and realized how many people take advantage of kids that they hired some good people to protect her. She also is filling in for Ellen Degeneres today and of course she had to be whacky.

DJ Khaled’s New Book is Coming
DJ Khaled announced yesterday that he is coming out with a book! It’s appropriately called “The Keys” and will feature personal stories, his philosophy for success and background surrounding some of his catch phrases like “bless up.” It’ll be out November 22nd.

Kim K Pressing Charges Against Prankster
Kim Kardashian was walking in Paris when some rude, notorious prankster came up behind her and tried to kiss her butt – luckily her security guards were on point and stopped him, but he came within inches. He’s the same jerk who accosted Gigi Hadid last week. This is the second time he’s gone for Kim – and she’s not having any of it. She’s filing a police report and plans to get a restraining order.

Fetty Wap Sued
Fetty Wap is being sued – some guy claims that he owns the right to the beat that was used in the song Trap Queen. Apparently, the guy bought exclusive rights to it – but Fetty claims that HE bought the rights to it too, so if anyone’s going to get in trouble here, it’s the producer who made the beat and he’s going to go after him. The guy, in the meantime, wants to destroy all copies and sales of Trap Queen. Good luck.

Niall from One Direction: Solo Song Out Soon?
Harry Styles revealed that while he doesn’t rule out the idea of getting back together with the guys of One Direction, he is simply enjoying writing at the moment. Meanwhile, Niall is reportedly coming out with a solo single next week that sounds like Ed Sheeran.

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