Beauty Bloggers Have Much More Influence on YouTube Than Brands Do

By: Eric Donnelly

YouTube Beauty Bloggers / Vloggers have a lot more influence on today’s generation than the beauty brands themselves.

According to Jezebel, “research conducted by the advertising firm Pixability, YouTube’s biggest beauty influencers earn far better numbers and popularity than consumer beauty brands.”

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Based on YouTube views, Michelle Phan, Rachel Levin, Bunny Meyer, Promise Tamang Phan and Bethany Mota were the top five most viewed vloggers of 2016 — no surprise there. An interesting fact from the study was that out of the Top 200 Beauty videos, 2.6% were brand based videos compared to 86% were by creators themselves.

“Makeup tutorial videos are responsible for 68.5 percent of the views recorded for the top 200 beauty videos. Trailing behind makeup tutorials in terms of share of views are commercials (7%), branding videos (7%), beauty tips (5%), routines (4.5%), vlogs (3%), product demos (2%), and the rest (3%).”


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