Brad Pitt Isn’t Dead
If you were silly enough to fall for a fake Fox News Brad Pitt is Dead story, and if you entered your information, you’re screwed and you just fell for a scam. So don’t click on it if you see it, Brad Pitt is not dead, and if you did happen to fall for it, change your PW immediately.

DWTS Protestors Facing Misdemeanor Charges
The two protestors who rushed the Dancing with the Stars stage while Ryan Lochte was up there are now facing two misdemeanor charges each – and if convicted, they can face up to 6 months in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

Kanye West Bashes Taylor Again in Nashville
Kanye West was performing in Taylor Swift’s hometown of Nashville the other day and he performed Famous three times – the song with the lyric “I made that bitch famous.” He hyped up the crowd, they yelled back at him… and at one point the crowd actually started chanting F Taylor Swift over and over. Nice, right?

Bieber Sneezes on Crowd
Poor Justin Bieber was performing the other night when he had to sneeze during What Do You Mean – and unfortunately for fans in the front of the crowd, they got sneezed on. There’s video of him snot-rocketing into the crowd.

Kevin Hart Pushes Out Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer Makes History
Forbes has just released its list of the highest-paid comedians, and Kevin Hart has dethroned Jerry Seinfeld to take the top spot, bringing in $87.5M last year. Seinfeld had held the title since 2006 – this year he came in with $43.5M. Kevin’s tours put him over the edge. PS, Amy Schumer is the only female comedian to make the list – she came in fourth. And guess what? She is the ONLY woman to have ever made the highest-paid comedians list.

Jennifer Aniston’s Husband is Over Brangelina Questions
Brad Pitt didn’t make it to a showing of his latest film, and he made it very clear why: while he supports the film 100% and is proud of the work put into it, Brad is spending time focusing on his family. Meanwhile, poor Jennifer Aniston, now her husband Justin Theroux is getting thrown into this. When asked about the Brangelina split, he said that as a child of divorce he feels terrible for the children – and added in that all of the Jen headlines last week were nonsense and everyone still has an appetite for trash apparently.

Miley Cyrus Gave Up Weed, is Married?
Radar Online is reporting that Miley Cyrus got married in Australia to her dude Liam Hemsworth. Her dad reportedly officiated – and apparently the catch to the wedding was that she had to give up weed first… hmm…

Will Smith Thought Concussion Would Matter
Remember Will Smith’s movie Concussion, about concussions in football? He said he was surprised that people basically ignored the issue and were like, cool let’s go watch some football. Is anyone else surprised?

James Corden Performs with the Backstreet Boys
James Corden got to perform with the Backstreet Boys and it’s amazing.

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