By: Eric Donnelly

It’s hard to imagine the Pumpkin Spice Latte losing popularity, but apparently that’s the case.

According to UPROXX, the classic holiday favorite might lose it’s spot to an up-and-coming drink — the Tumeric Latte! Pinterest has revealed “saved pins for pumpkin spice lattes are down 15 percent from last year.”

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Not only are pins for PSLs down, but also “people have been saving two times the pins for turmeric latte recipes.” Okay okay, it’s probably be de-throning the fall drink anytime soon. It’s not surprising to see a spike in saved pins for the drink seeing as it’s perfect for photos.

Will people actually drink a Tumeric Latte is the real question. The spice is a yellowy/orange color, pretty bitter, and can taste like dirt if you don’t utilize it properly. Plus, it leaves unforgettable stains on everything it comes in contact with.

Is this a drink you can see yourself wanting to order?


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