Snapchat’s Latest Invention — ‘Spectacles’ — Sunglasses That Record 10-Second Videos

By: Eric Donnelly

If you’re obsessed with Snapchat prepare to take it to the next level.

According to BGR, Snapchat will be introducing Spectacles “soon” which are sunglasses equipped with a video camera. The glasses will retail at $129.99.

Clearly these are already off to a better start than the Google Glasses! “Users simply tap a button on the frame and the glasses will record successive clips of 10-second video all from a first person perspective.” Hopefully these glasses can be paired with users accounts and be sent straight to stories, etc.

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“Spectacles will make use of a 115-degree angle lens and all recorded video footage will be circular. The idea is that recorded video will more closely approximate the human eye’s range of vision.”

The app itself has changed how people communicate. It wouldn’t be surprising if these become just as big!


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