Angie’s New Pad
Angelina Jolie and her kids have moved to a $12M beachfront Malibu rental, something that she rented a few weeks before filing for divorce. It’s got about 4500 square feet, five bedrooms, a lagoon pool and a media room. Oh, and it rents for about $95,000 per month.

Jared Leto Loses to TMZ
Remember when Jared Leto was caught on video saying some not-so-nice things about Taylor Swift a few months ago? And then he sued TMZ, alleging that he owned the video that got leaked to TMZ? Welp, Jared just lost in court. The judge ruled that there was no contract between him and the person videoing so he had no ownership of it.

Prince George Snubs High-Fiver
The royal family touched down in Canada this weekend, and they were greeted by the Prime Minister… who walked over to Prince George and asked him for a high five… not only did Prince George not reciprocate… but he visibly shook his head “no” and refused to give a low five, too.

German Chick Saves Bieber from Fight
Justin Bieber almost got beaten up in a club in Germany this weekend. He was walking through the crowd and accidentally bumped into some guy. Apparently the guy was trying to get Justin’s attention all night, and he finally once he came face-to-face with Justin, he lunged at him. Justin pushed back to protect himself, and people eventually stepped in to break it up – including a chick in an Oktoberfest kind of outfit who wrapped her arms around him and pulled him away from the dude.

Kim & Kanye’s House Sounds Amazing
Mark this down as the one and only time I will be jealous of and applaud Kim & Kanye. The house they’re building reportedly has a two-story play room, a huge gym, a basketball court, a hair salon, a full spa with massage and facial rooms, a music studio for Kanye and a full-size movie theater.

Chris Pratt Almost Died on Set
Chris Pratt revealed that when he was filming for Magnificent 7, a horse almost killed him but he was able to stay in character, and that moment actually made it into the movie.

Selena Gomez Dominating Instagram
Selena Gomez is killin the Instagram game – she reached 100M followers, making her still the most-followed person on IG.

Tom & Gisele Spotted in Capri, Italy
Looks like Tom Brady and Gisele have been spending some quality time together during his suspension – they were spotted having dinner in Capri, Italy this weekend.

Taylor Reportedly Treated Calvin Like Dirt?
Singer John Newman commented on Calvin and Taylor’s relationship – he’s a friend of Calvin’s – and said that she was brutal to Calvin after the breakup and that she lives in another world.

Steven Avery Engaged
Steven Avery from Making a Murderer is engaged. Spoiler alert: he is still in prison, and he has been dating his girlfriend for 8 months via letters and phone calls. They have only met in person once. She lives in Las Vegas as a legal secretary and he of course is in Wisconsin. They plan to wed once he’s released.

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