"Do you, f--- everyone," she said. "Those people have never performed on the today show."

By Hayden Wright

Former child star Corey Feldman’s appearance on the Today Show raised eyebrows and inspired snarky comments across the Internet, but some of the flap turned downright mean. The backlash prompted Feldman to share a video on Facebook expressing dismay and concern with the tenor and direction of reactions, even claiming that he and his associates (“Angels”) were scared to go outside. Many writers and celebrities (including his Stand by Me costar Jerry O’Connell) publicly supported Feldman through the public mockery, and Kesha has now added her voice to the mix.

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“This just broke my heart,” the singer wrote on Instagram. “I wanna reach out to Corey Feldmen in a kind way and say that you have to not read that s—. people can be so horrible and mean online and it can BREAK you.”

Kesha also offered Feldman some words of encouragement.

“Do you, f— everyone,” she added. “Those people have never performed on the today show. it’s easy to sit at a computer and talk s—. it’s not easy to perform in front of millions. keep your head up. normal is BORING.”

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