We are thrilled to announce that The Chainsmokers will be headlining Electric Bounce House 2016 this year, with support from Cash Cash and Daya!

If you listen to 103.3 AMP Radio then you may already know a lot about The Chainsmokers But did you know these 10 things?

1. Drew and Alex claim to have met on Chatroulette

Photo by: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Photo by: Rob Kim/Getty Images

In numerous interviews they have stated they met on the social website when it was in its heyday years ago. In an exclusive with Sacred Heart University’s The Spectrum, Drew revealed, “Yes, before it was what it is today, friendships were made on that site, this being one of them.” That is the story — although now we know they were introduced by a friend of a friend!

2. SoundCloud played a major role in their career

The pair would release their music on the website which helped them to gain a following. Unfortunately, due to the inability to reach an agreement over terms, they may stop using the platform.

3. They both love Coldplay

Photo by: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Photo by: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

When speaking with Into The Crowd Magazine, the boys revealed they are big fans of Coldplay. When asked what their biggest music guilty pleasure Alex said “Coldplay” to which Drew followed up with “Coldplay. I f****** love Coldplay.”

4. “The Chainsmokers” was just a clever name that was available

img 7990 10 Things You Didnt Know About The Chainsmokers
There’s not much of a backstory behind the name — they came up with it and thought it was clever so they went for it! Plus, the domains were available so the decision wasn’t too difficult.

5. Their song “#SELFIE” was an accident

The song started off as a joke, but people ended up loving it! Alex told PEOPLE “I wrote ‘#Selfie‘ in my living room, which I converted into a studio after my girlfriend broke up with me. Because she moved out, we had more room and we invested in getting a microphone and we started doing vocals. ‘#Selfie’ was one of the first things we recorded on the mic.”

6. The American Idol performance of “#SELFIE” backfired

In an interview with Forbes, they opened up about their performance. “That was, like, the worst career move that no one warned us about on our team,” said Drew. “We had no idea what we were doing at the time, and that was literally a year after we met.”

7. After creating “Don’t Let Me Down,” the computer crashed, the file erased, and the song had to be rebuilt from scratch

After appearing on The Tonight Show, they did an online segment titled “How I Wrote That Song” where they talked about “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya. “When it was completely done the computer crashed and we lost the entire song and had to remake it from scratch” said Alex. “I think I didn’t tell anyone for a little while because I was so ashamed and tried to resolve the situation on my own” admitted Drew.

8. Justin Bieber stole their videographer Rory Kramer

“He was with us all year and, you know, one day he hit us up and was like, ‘I can’t do you tour in the fall…Bieber wants me to go on tour with him!'” Don’t worry — there’s no bad blood between the guys. They’ve become friends with the Biebs through Rory!

9. An album could happen but only if the fans want one

After blowing up with their last couple of singles, most recently “Closer” featuring Halsey, they tweeted out that fans can expect and album if they really demand it.

“We will always continue to release music. But an album is something different. Something more complete that reflects a time in our lives…An album is a big deal, not just a compilation of random singles, that’s how we see it. But if u all start making some noise for one.. Well.” Start making some noise!!

10. Their dream collaborations would be with Blink-182 and Chaka Khan

Back in May, they appeared on an episode of Larry King now. When asked about their dream collaborations, Drew revealed his would be with Blink-182 and Alex with Chaka Khan. Either of those collaborations would be iconic, but could you imagine the “I’m Every Woman” songstress’ vocals on one of their tracks?!


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