Well, here’s one thing you definitely know by now…

Daya will be joining The Chainsmokers and Cash Cash on stage for 103.3 AMP Radio’s Electric Bounce House this year!

But did you know these ten things about the recent high school graduate?

1. Her name isn’t really Daya.

(Getty Images) (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for TJ Martell)

The 17-year-old’s real name is Grace Martine Tandon. “Daya is a translation of Grace in Hindi,” the singer told Myspace, adding that “It actually worked out perfectly, because my grandfather is originally from New Delhi, India, so I’m a quarter Indian.”

2. Her high school classmates weren’t as mean as Taylor Swift’s.

Like Daya, Taylor Swift was still in high school when she began achieving fame. However, unlike Swift’s cruel classmates, Daya’s were actually pretty cool about it. “I remember the first day that it came out and everyone was playing it in the hallways,” Daya said about her single “Hide Away”. “The teachers were embracing it, and it was really cool how the community was sticking behind me like that and pushing me forward to the next step.”

3. She is classically trained in both piano and voice.

“I’ve been playing the piano since I was three years old,” Daya told Clevver News in the video interview above. “I started taking voice lessons around age ten or eleven and was doing performances, doing covers, and anything I could find around my community.”

4. “Hide Away” was written during Daya’s first songwriting session.

Daya told Clevver News, “I started writing a couple years ago, and I went out to a songwriters session I was invited [to] by a mutual friend of mine, and he lives in L.A. with his buddies, and we got together for a songwriter session and we wrote like six songs by the end of the weekend, and ‘Hide Away’ happened to be one of them.” “We took it to someone who’s been in the industry for years, and he was like ‘I love this song and I want to push it to radio and manage you as an artist,” she added.

5. She recorded her EP the day after her senior prom.

“I literally went to prom, and then the next day flew out to L.A. and recorded my EP,” she said. While at prom, Daya is “pretty sure they played both” of her hit singles.

6. Chainsmokers reached out to her about collaborating on “Don’t Let Me Down.”

“They were fans of my song ‘Hide Away,’” Daya told Myspace. “They reached out to me a couple months ago and asked if I wanted to do a song with them, and we’re under the same label. Once I heard the song, I just loved it and I’m really proud of the way that it turned out.”

7. Tyler Oakley is a huge supporter of hers.

Youtube personality Tyler Oakley is a huge fan of Daya’s, and he’s tweeted her multiple times and included her songs on his Spotify playlists, including the one above.

8. She can play the keyboard upside down.

During her 7th grade talent show, Daya layed on her back and played Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” upside down on her keyboard.

9. She is one of five sisters.

She remains close with her siblings.

10. Amy Winehouse is a huge influence.

Daya says Winehouse has been a “huge influencer vocally,” and described her style as “raw and unique.”


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