Bill Murray Bar Tends for his Son
Bill Murray continues to be cooler than all of us – he bartended at his son’s bar this weekend for a few hours. He made a sweet toast to wish his son luck with his latest restaurant endeavor, noting how happy he was that his son didn’t go into show business – instead, creating a place for people to come and share laughs and meals with their friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio Helps Strangers with Directions
Leonardo DiCaprio was walking his dog in NYC with a friend when an older couple walked up to him and asked him for directions. They clearly had no idea who they were talking to – and he was more than happy to help them out. He even took out his phone to show them something and point them in the right direction.

Game of Thrones Makes History
Game of Thrones won its 38th Emmy last night, beating the show Frazier to become the most-honored primetime show in history. Wowza!

Gaga Relies on Tony Bennett for Relationship Advice
Lady Gaga revealed that, to help her get over her heartbreak, she calls upon her friend Tony Bennet, who just turned 90 this year. Gaga said she doesn’t like to call her mom because she’ll worry, and her father would just want to beat the guy up, so she calls her buddy Tony.

Kanye Gets Instagram
Kanye West has an official Instagram, after holding out for years. His following continues to grow by the thousands every hour. His first post was a picture of a car from the movie Total Recall. In case you give AF.

Taylor Swift Donates to Louisiana Flood Relief
Taylor Swift donated $50,000 to public schools in Louisiana which are still closed after the floods. This is her second donation – the first was to the food bank – and part of her pledge to donate $1M in relief efforts. Meanwhile, Taylor also sent a huge bouquet of flowers to Grace Vanderwaal, the 12-year-old winner of America’s Got Talent who is often compared to Swift.

David Letterman Returning to TV, Sorta
He’s going to be a correspondent for National Geographic Channel’s docuseries “Years of Living Dangerously” – he traveled to India to learn how some of the world’s largest populations are making the move from non-renewable energy to solar power.

Mel Gibson Becoming a Dad for 9th Time
Mel Gibson is expecting his 9th child. His 26-year-old girlfriend is pregnant, and this will be her fist child. Mel’s first marriage produced 7 children, and he has another with Oksana.

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