By: Eric Donnelly

I’ve got the feeling that this year could be the one!

US Weekly began reporting yesterday that Lady Gaga will be headlining the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime show. Their claims have caused a lot of controversy, which prompted Natalie Ravitz, SVP of Communications for the NFL, to tweet this statement:

While it may not be confirmed, Little Monsters everywhere — myself included — can’t help but think of what songs would make the perfect Halftime show performance. Back in Gaga’s The Fame era, circa 2008, she wrote a song for an artist to use as a potential World Cup song…that song was titled “Take You Out.” Now, if she’s in talks to headline the Halftime show, it would be the perfect addition, whether it be a brief segue or something longer, to add an unexpected element to her performance.

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Mother Monster’s outtake surfaced a couple years after its creation and remained a popular unreleased track among her fans. The song samples “Let’s Go Dancing” by Kool and the Gang, as well as “Pop Muzik” by M. In 2011, the “Heavy Metal Lover” songstress tweeted about it:

If she’s the headliner NOW would be the perfect time to incorporate some of the song into the show. In the chorus, she sings the lyrics, “everybody loves it, football!” Even though the song was written about Futbol (soccer) it’s the same sound, and it’s also about winning a game so it couldn’t be more perfect. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement on the artist chosen to headline, but she slayed the National Anthem last year and had critics buzzing.

Not to get too crazy, but the event will be taking place at NRG Stadium in Houston. Let’s think of that one famous woman who hails from that city…maybe they could even deliver a “Telephone” / “Video Phone” number?!

Time to get in formation everybody!


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