By Robyn Collins

Kanye West has revealed that he’s “getting tired” of making music videos, reports W in their 2016 Royals issue. In a new video interview, West says that loves combining moving art with music, but  admits that music videos is less inspiring than it used to be. “I barely want to stand in front of the camera at all,” he says. “I’d rather do things just using my mind.”

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Yeezy talks about how he has a Ph. D. in art and says that in art school he’d work for three weeks on a piece and then his friends would come over, look at it, and then they’d leave. Then he says, he found a way to combine music and art.

West also talks about wanting to create joyous moments and share them with others. “I’m a creator. It’s my responsibility. I build things that mean things to people.”

Comparing himself to Will Ferrell’s character in Elf, he went on to say, “I make the Christmas presents.”

Listing Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs as inspirations, the hip hop mogul explains that money is not his definition of success, he’d rather inspire people.

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