By: Eric Donnelly

The MTV VMAs are one of the biggest music events of the year. Could you imagine making your live singing debut on that stage?

Well, for Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers that’s exactly what happened. The EDM DJ/producer revealed a lot about his 2016 VMA performance of “Closer” with Halsey today on Instagram.

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“I was nervous. This was my first time singing live really ever n it was on tv n Kanye was watching. I had to remember to play to the camera and then to the audience and then to Halsey. The curtain came up. F***. I forgot everything I practiced” he stated. Watching it you would never have been able to realize he was clueless!

He added, “life throws you into situations you aren’t prepared for and you have to figure them out. Don’t back down and don’t ever give up.” He pulled through, had great chemistry, and delivered a great performance with Halsey. Today is a great day for the boys because “Closer” went double platinum, which makes it their 3rd double platinum record of the year!

Re-watch their VMA performance of “Closer” below:


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