By: Eric Donnelly

After months of guessing and false promos the American Horror Story theme was finally revealed last night on the premiere episode — My Roanoke Nightmare: An American Horror Story. This was the correct teaser for season 6…

This story seems reminiscent of season 1 — Murder House — where a couple moves back east to start a new life. According to MTV, in this story, “the real-life couple of Shelby and Matt are played by Asylum star Lily Rabe and Andre Holland, while Paulson and Gooding Jr. star as their reenactors.” That’s right — this is based on a true story.

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After being attacked during a gang initiation of Knockout and then losing a pregnancy, the couple buys an old farmhouse on Roanoke Island, NC. Many people were not pleased with the premiere episode because it was less dramatic compared to past ones.

Plus, Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, and other famous actors have yet to make an appearance. BUT! Die hard fans realized that Lady Gaga made a split-second cameo last night behind Kathy Bates when Paulson’s character followed her into the woods. It does appear to be Gaga, which means she’s playing one of the lost settlers of Roanoke.

If you want to see how this season creepily connects to season 1, read this piece on Vanity Fair — there are spoilers in it! If this is true Ryan Murphy did an amazing job on connecting these seasons.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming episode “Chapter 2”


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