by Alisha Jackson

Ariana Grande has no problem talking about “d*** bicycles” on national television, but when it comes to the topic of her love life, the singer would disappear if she had the option.

After commending Ariana for taking on the daunting task of singing while cycling at the MTV Video Music Awards, Ellen learned the shocking origin of the idea. “[I] had the idea of the bike thing the first time I heard Nicki’s [Minaj] verse, and she says the phrase ‘d*** bicicyle,'” Ariana casually explained. “And the idea was born, and I really committed to it,” she said to the stunned host.

When Ellen asked what the phrase meant, Ari said “you know..” to which Ellen nodded “no” and insisted “I really don’t.” Although Ariana failed to explain the explicit meaning behind the phrase, she had no problem discussing it. But when it came to the topic of Ari’s new beau Mac Miller, she talked in circles and literally hid behind her own jacket at one point.

Watch her adorable reaction below:


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