Alec Baldwin Welcomes Baby, is Scammed by Art Dealer
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria welcomed their third child together yesterday at 6:51p – Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin joins his three other siblings (one is Ireland, his half sister). BTW – Alec is suing an art dealer for duping him into buying a fake painting. Alec dropped $190,000 on a painting which he was told was real – and he claims the dealer actively took steps to make it seem legit, until Alec acted suspicious and called a Sotheby’s professional to check its authenticity. The art dealer claims she didn’t dupe him at all and even offered to return his money, calling his lawsuit frivolous and vindictive.

Miley Cyrus: No More Red Carpets!
Miley Cyrus has opened up about fame, telling Elle magazine that she is done walking red carpets because it’s pointless – fame isn’t important to her. She also revealed that she tries all the time to go good for the world through her Happy Hippie foundation, and once broke out in a rash because she was so stressed, feeling so guilty over her privilege.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s *Affordable* Clothing Line HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Gwyneth Paltrow is offering you the chance to dress like her for a “fraction” of the cost – barely. She is creating her own Goop label which has “elevated basics,” as she calls them. They’re “a good deal” because they’re made in the same factories as huge, high-end designers. If you call $265 for a white tote bag a good deal, then yes, it is a good deal.

Tired of Noise Complaints, Drake Bought his Neighbor’s House
Last week I told you that a man snuck onto one of Drake’ tour buses and stole over $2M worth of jewelry, but was eventually arrested. Well the driver of the tour bus was ON the bus at the time – and said that he didn’t think to question the dude because the dude just walked onto the bus so confidently. He assumed the dude was a part of Drake’s entourage. Also, Complex MagazineĀ is reporting that Drake got so tired of his neighbors complaining about his noise that once their house went on the market, he decided to buy it for himself so that he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. That is baller if you ask me.

“Perfect Illusion” is NOT About Gaga’s Ex
Lady Gaga revealed that there is a tour headed our way in 2017, and she also revealed that her song Perfect Illusion was not made in an effort to send a message to her former fiance. Gaga said it’s a song about relationships, but she is not using the song as a way to hurt her ex – she revealed that he is her best friend, and they are trying to work things out.

Kesha Recorded with Taylor?!
This is a great theory – Kesha said she has written an F U song with a Grammy Award Winning artist… and everyone thinks that she’s collaborating with Taylor Swift, simply because she used 13 emojis and 13 is Taylor’s favorite number.

SNL Makes History, Finally
Saturday Night Live has just made history by hiring its first-ever Latina since its inception in 1975. Melissa Villasenor joins two other new cast members and will be debuting October 1st.

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