Melissa McCarthy Sings with Barbra
This video came out a few days ago but hasn’t made too much buzz – Barbra Streisand teamed up with Melissa McCarthy to sing Anything You Can Do for Barbra’s album.

Chris Brown’s New Party Policy
TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown now has a strict party policy for his house thanks to his arrest when the woman accused him of pulling a gun on her. His friends and roommates have to submit a guest list in writing, with detailed descriptions about who everyone is, and guests are no longer allowed to bring their own booze or drugs – he is the supplier.

Beyonce Stops Show for Proposal
Beyonce was performing in St. Louis the other night when she stopped her show mid-performance to pass the mic to one of her backup dancers… the backup dancer came out from back stage dressed in a suit and actually proposed to his girlfriend, Beyonce’s dance captain. She clearly said yes.

Lady Gaga Confirms Rumors, Talks Album
Lady Gaga confirmed the rumor I mentioned to you a few weeks ago – she did indeed collaborate with Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine. Gaga said she wrote the song and really wanted to sing it with a girl – and she called Florence one of, if not the best, vocalists in the world. BTW, she surprised fans at a club in London this weekend, performing her new single Perfect Illusion for the first time. She also sang a ballad version of Bad Romance. Today she was talking with our friend Elvis Duran about her upcoming album, and she said every song on this album is autobiographical, saying that the songs are implicitly related to her life. She also announced that she is executive-producing the soundtrack to A Star is Born, the movie that she’s doing with Bradley Cooper.

T.Swift Back in the Studio, Katy Perry Willing to Collab
Taylor Swift has been back in the studio making new music. Her BFF Gigi Hadid let it slip during an interview that Taylor’s been working on new things. BTW – A fan asked Katy Perry on Twitter if she would ever collaborate with Taylor Swift – and to our delight, Katy responded. Simple, and to the point: “if she says sorry, sure!” No word from Swift yet.

Drake Gushes over Rihanna
Rihanna jumped on stage while Drake was performing in LA the other night and he took the opportunity to tell the crowd “I pray that you find somebody to hold you down like this woman right here.” They’re adorable.

B.Spears Throws Huge Party for Kids
Britney Spears celebrated her sons birthday this weekend – Preston turned 11 and Jayden turned 10 – and it looks like they had a serious Pokemon-themed party.

Big bday for my boys! Double digits whoop whoop! 🎉

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Kanye Responds to Critics, Drops Mic
Kanye West responded to critics of his Yeezy Season 4 debut while performing on Friday. He gave the crowd the finger at one point – presumably referring to those critics who panned his debut – and thanked his fans for coming along his journey with him from music to fashion. He then, of course, dropped the mic. Kanye did, however, take to Twitter to apologize for making everyone wait over an hour for his show to begin.

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