by Alisha Jackson

Hey Rob Kardashian, not to be creepy, but we can see you. No matter how many times you delete your Instagram photos, they’re out there. Not to mention the fact that E! is releasing weekly trailers for your new show Rob & Chyna. So why go through another Insta cleanse?

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Blac Chyna hasn’t erased any photos or stopped posting to Instagram, so we’re not sure why her fiancé has. We know that he’s actively trying to lose weight, so perhaps it’s part of one of those intense celebrity cleanses, where you cleanse literally everything in your life. Because he didn’t just delete his photos like last time. This time, Rob went as far as unfollowing everyone on the app, including his expecting soon-to-be-wife.

Rob didn’t touch his Twitter account, so perhaps he’ll tweet out some sort of explanation there. But for now, we’ll just have to keep his refreshing his cleared-out Instagram account.


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