XX has a New Most Interesting Man
Dos Equis has found its new most Interesting Man in the World – French anchor Augustin Legrand, who also speaks English and Spanish, will be more of an action hero this time around. He’s more than 30 years younger than the previous Most Interesting Man – and, they don’t rule out the idea of having a Most Interesting Woman, too.

Yeezus Outsells the Pope
As if Kanye needs his ego to get any bigger – he out-sold the Pope in merchandise when he performed in NY this weekend. When the Pope was there, he set the record for the most merchandise sold – but Kanye beat him by $240,000.

T.Swift and Tom Break Up
Hold onto your hats, no one expected this so soon (she said, seething with sarcasm) – Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have reportedly called it quits. They began dating in June, just weeks after she and Calvin Harris broke up. It’s reportedly a mutual split with no bad blood (ha, look, I made a Taylor Swift pun), but that’s what they said about Calvin.

Zayn Cites Anxiety, Pulls Upcoming Performance
Zayn Malik pulled out of yet another live performance – but this one, he pulled out of an entire month early. He was supposed to perform in Dubai on October 7th and he backed out, explaining that he’s working on his anxiety but he doesn’t feel sufficiently ready to perform solo. I told you last month that Zayn Malik will be teaming up to produce a show about boy bands that also creates a boy band – and sure enough, he’s teaming up with Law & Order’s Dick Wolf for the project. Simon Cowell, btw, said he thought that Zayn should’ve come to him about it.

Gaga Confirms New Single Friday
Gaga confirmed it herself – her new song Perfect Illusion graces us with her presence this Friday.

Katie Holmes Not Allowed to Date Publicly?
You know how there have been rumors for years that Katie Holmes is dating Jamie Foxx? Wellll, a new report is claiming that the reason they haven’t taken their relationship public is because it’s actually a condition of Katie’s divorce settlement with Tom Cruise – she’s reportedly not allowed to date publicly for five years after the marriage has ended – and this coming June will mark five years.

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