by Alisha Jackson

For someone who flaunts her relationship with Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie sure was shy when the paparazzi asked her father Lionel about the popstar.

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But then again, it’s embarrassing AF when your dad talks about your relationship in any capacity.

At first, Lionel obeyed Sofia’s wishes, and said “I’m not going there” when the paparazzi asked him about his daughter and Justin Bieber’s relationship. “I have strict orders not to go there,” he added. But when the paparazzi asked Lionel if Bieber had his “father approval”, he went there. Sofia’s dad gave his approval, and ended up embarrassing her even further by reeling her into the conversation.

“You’re a musical a legend, he’s [Justin Bieber] getting there. Would you ever work on a song with him?” the interviewer asked Lionel, who jokingly repeated the “he’s getting there” part to Sofia. Watch below as she literally runs away from the cringe-worthy situation.


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