by Alisha Jackson

Remember that homeless guy Miley Cyrus took the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? Well, he isn’t homeless anymore, but he’s clearly still in need of cash, as he just hawked Miley’s Video of the Year trophy for “Wrecking Ball” on eBay.

According to TMZ, Jesse Helt is expecting a baby, which is why he put the trophy up for auction. If you check out the moonman’s original listing, Jesse had much lower expectations on what the trophy would produce, as he listed the “buy it now” option for $22,000.

Luckily for him, someone thought they could take the trophy home for a measly $10,000, so that’s where the bidding began. After being on the market for three days, the moonman almost tripled Helt’s “buy it now” price, with the winning bid coming in at a staggering $60,211.

You can check out photos of the moonman, which yes — he uploaded horizontally — in the tweet below.


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