By: Eric Donnelly

Vogue launched their new Discover channel today on Snapchat so you know the Kardashian family had to make an appearance for the kickoff!

For her video she played a game of “Would You Rather?” and after the fast-food themed baby shower she threw for gal pal Chrissy Teigen her answers are not surprising. First, she had to choose between the ability to be invisible or fly for the day. “North said she wanted to fly on a plane to heaven to visit her grandmother for her birthday” she revealed.

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The next one is not a shocker — she’d rather live without heat and air-conditioning than without the Internet. “Dewy is good…we can put on some nice coats!” Finally, she basically proved she’s like the rest of us when she answered between “Chinese takeout or McDonald’s?”

“Ugh! Both…and at the same time…I don’t know both so good. I’ll go with McDonald’s.” Click here to watch the video on E! News, or check it out for yourself on Snapchat!


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