By: Hardi Dude

Today we celebrate “National Cheese Pizza Day” because who doesn’t love a good cheese pizza?

Everyone has their favorite local spot whether it’s a chain like Pizzeria Regina, Papa Gino’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut or good ole Papa John’s. Either way, chances are you’re going to get a great pie somewhere, somehow.

Personally I’m a big fan of the local spots around Massachusetts. If it’s my first time visiting, I’ll order a cheese pizza because the taste of the pizza won’t be clouded by a variety of toppings. The second time through I’ll get it topped with some good stuff.

The “hole in the wall” pizza joint can end up having the best pizza you’ll ever have. Have you ever heard of Lynwood in Randolph or Cape Cod Café in Raynham? How about Buddy’s in Middleboro or Town Spa in Stoughton? Maybe you’ve had British Beer Company aka BBC in Norwood? Sure I know the BBC isn’t a hole in the wall but I can’t fail to mention them. All these pizza places/restaurants have one thing in common…they all have wicked good “bar style” pizza. If you’ve never had one, you’re definitely missing out! Piece of advice, order your cheese pizza from these locations “well done and laced.”

If you’re on the north shore, skip the roast beef today and get yourself a nice cheese pizza. You could hit up Polcari’s in Saugus, Engine House or Flying Saucer Pizza Co. in Salem, or George’s in Natick.

I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a cheese pizza at every place I’ve mentioned along our quests to find the perfect cheese pizza. It might be Labor Day and you’re cooking out at the house but you might be able to find some time later to enjoy a cheese pizza.

“Italy unified in 1861, and King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889. Legend has it that the traveling pair became bored with their steady diet of French haute cuisine and asked for an assortment of pizzas from the city’s Pizzeria Brandi, the successor to Da Pietro pizzeria, founded in 1760. The variety the queen enjoyed most was called pizza mozzarella, a pie topped with the soft white cheese, red tomatoes and green basil. (Perhaps it was no coincidence that her favorite pie featured the colors of the Italian flag.) From then on, the story goes, that particular topping combination was dubbed pizza Margherita,” according to ‘A Slice of History: Pizza Through the Ages’ by Gayle Turim,


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