Kanye West Wax Figures Aim for $4M
Earlier this week I told you that the wax figures from Kanye West’s Famous video are now in an art gallery. Turns out, they’re for sale – and they’re hoping they will sell for $4M. BTW – Kind of awesome – at every stop of Kanye’s Pablo tour, he will have two slushy machines back stage dishing out alcohol. One is a frozen Grey Goose lemonade (for Kim) and the other is a frozen Hennesy & Coke. Ummmm, yes please.

Amy Schumer Dismisses Heckler
Amy Schumer was performing in Sweden the other night when a heckler told her to show him her lady bits – and she clearly wasn’t having any of it. She had the crowd point him out and told him that if he does it again, he gets kicked out. Low and behold, he heckled again – and she stayed true to her word – he was escorted out.

One Republic Sings Adele
One Republic was in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and they covered Adele’s Send My Love.

JLo’s Beauty Tip: SLEEP!
Jennifer Lopez revealed a beauty tip of hers: in addition to dieting and working out, she makes sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night. So that’s the secret. (If only it were that easy!!)

Britney: I Don’t Wish Fame Upon my Kids
Britney Spears told our friend Cooper Lawrence that her sons don’t really have any idea exactly HOW famous she is… and that she doesn’t wish her level of fame upon them, calling it “kind of too much.”

Chris Brown Thinks the DA is Out to Get Him
…He may not be THAT far off… Chris Brown is claiming that a specific DA is out to get him – and that’s why he was arrested on the spot the other day. She prosecuted Chris in the Rihanna case, and she also was involved with probation violation hearings where she pushed for jail time for him and she didn’t always get him in jail. Apparently, the other day when cops were called after he allegedly pulled a gun on a girl, the cops didn’t have any intention of arresting him and were going to just investigate – but the DA was the one who made them arrest him on the spot.

Rihanna’s Tattoo for Drake
Rihanna reportedly got a tattoo for Drake… she got a shark on her foot, which apparently represents one of their dates they had at an aquarium where Drake bought her a stuffed animal shark. “Drake your speech was so touching and I love you for that.”

Ed Sheeran Sings at a Wedding
This past weekend, Ed Sheeran’s friend from Snow Patrol, his sister got married. Ed was on hand to perform the first song for the couple – he and the other guys played Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars.

Gene Wilder Honored this Weekend at AMC Theaters
Tomorrow and Sunday AMC Theaters on Boston Common (and others throughout the country!) will be celebrating Gene Wilder, showing Blazing Saddles and Willy Wonka back-to-back, starting at 5. Tickets are just $5 per movie and can be bought online at their web site.

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