By: Eric Donnelly

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s new show Rob & Chyna premieres Sunday September 11th at 9pm and it will definitely be bringing the drama.

There have been many rumors circulating the duo over the past couple of months and we’re very close to getting an inside look into the inner workings of their relationship. Now, E! News has released a new look into this sure to be hot mess of a show.

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There are a lot of surprising moments and fights between the couple, who have only been together for a relatively short period of time. Here are the most outrageous quotes from the new trailer:

“Yo, who is hittin’ your phone over and over?…I just don’t get why you even care!” -Rob

“It’s a big change to go from being inside for like four years to now being outside.” -Rob

“I don’t know why he thinking it’s a game!” -Chyna

“Why the f–k are you still texting bitches?” -Chyna

“We’re just two different people I don’t ex” -Rob
“I don’t even know that you know exactly who you are.” -Scott

“Depression is a serious issue. What’s going to happen when this baby is born?” -Kim

“You really want to spend the rest of your life with me?” -Chyna


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