by Alisha Jackson

Want to look like this after having two children?

Just drink some charcoal!

JK, you’ll need to do a lot more than that. But charcoal is on the list of what Kimmy currently keeps in her fridge. “When it comes to what’s in my fridge, I always try and keep it fresh, simple and clean (everything is always lined up perfectly, LOL!),” Kim shared on her blog. “I’m really dedicated to my Atkins diet right now so it’s all about staying healthy and lean. These five foods and drinks are great for snacking and keeping me energized throughout the day.”

String cheese, diet peach tea Snapple, pressed juice, and Bio-K were on the list.

“I’m not super into the whole “juicing” craze, but Pressed Juicery’s fresh drinks taste amazing and make the perfect snack!” Kim shared. “I’m currently into the Charcoal Lemonade, which is rich in vitamin C. I swear, when I drink it, I feel cleansed and energized throughout the day‚Ķ Bio-K is my daily probiotic. I love that it keeps both my digestive and immune system balanced!”

Don’t live near a Pressed Juicery? You can sign up for your monthly juice subscription here!


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