Deathstroke Coming to DC’s Batman
Ben Affleck shared video of the DC villain Deathstroke. Apparently, he’s the main villain in Ben’s stand-alone Batman movie. There’s no word if he’ll also be in Justice League.

JLo’s Security Guards Push her Grocery Cart
Jennifer Lopez was spotted grocery shopping the other day amongst the peons of NYC – she’s just like us – except she has her security guards pushing her shopping cart for her with her purse in it, and also she bailed before she could wait in the checkout line, security did that for her. Though honestly I can’t hate on that.

Gene Wilder Passes Away
Gene Wilder, the actor who played Willy Wonka in the original, died at the age of 83 from complications from Alzheimer’s. His nephew released a statement, explaining that they chose to keep his disease a secret simply because Gene didn’t want kids to associate Willy Wonka with a disease, and perhaps become sad.

Taylor Swift Shows Up for Jury Duty
Taylor Swift showed up for jury duty in Nashville yesterday, but the judge dismissed her because of a possible conflict of interest. She would’ve been on a sexual assault cause, and she currently has a pending sexual harassment lawsuit in Colorado after a radio DJ reportedly touched her inappropriately. While Taylor was at jury duty, she met a fan’s mom and of course took a selfie with her. Too cute.

Britney Didn’t Remember She Wants 3 More Kids
Britney Spears was talking to our friend Elvis Duran about her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden – in the segment, she admitted that she wants three more kids. When Elvis and his team asked her about that number, she 100% forgot that she said that, and was like, “that’s what I said? Oh God…” which further proves our theory that she’s not totally aware of the reality around her.

Bieber: I Did NOT Reactivate my IG


Bruno Mars the Wedding Singer
Bruno Mars apparently does weddings – he sang at a wedding in Italy for the CEO of Spotify. Not bad.

When the wedding singer is Bruno Mars. #comochic #what

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Rihanna Holds Cop’s Hand – Too Cute
Rihanna got a police escort to the VMAs after party – and she actually held the guy’s hand. Lucky cop!

DWTS Cast Revealed
Dancing with the Stars revealed its cast this morning. In addition to Ryan Lochte, Olympian Laurie Hernandez will be there too, along with Babyface, Amber Rose, the original Marcia Brady Maureen McCormick, Vanilla Ice, Calvin Johnson and a bunch of other people I’ve barely ever heard of. Bleh. To be fair, this show has never been my thing though. Complete list here.

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