by Alisha Jackson

Beliebers heading back to school this morning can stop stalking Justin Bieber‘s Instagram, and start focusing on their studies, because the pop star has finally reactivated his account.

It’s been almost two weeks since Justin Bieber warned his 77.8 million followers that he would make his account private “if you guys don’t stop the hate” about his girlfriend Sofia Richie.

The Biebs ended up being so disappointed in his fans, that he decativated his account altogether.

Two weeks after going photo silent, JB has returned to the ‘gram. And although he has yet to post anything new, fans were quick to show nothing but love on his old posts, including his most recent one featuring his new fluff ball of a dog named Todd.

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

“No more hate for him,” bizzle9658No commented on the video. “Leave him lovely comments that will make him smile.”

“I missed you ❤ never change," evaperezz_ wrote.

"Justin we missed you so much, and the people who hated you and Sofia are fans and not Beliebers. I'm the happiest girl," gushed dinaaa._.kOmg.

Think "fans" will stop the hate after being reprimanded?


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