The Rock is the Highest-Paid Actor
The Rock has topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid actors, pulling in $64.5 million dollars last year. He actually knocked Robert Downy, Jr. out of the top spot and doubled his income from last year (woah!). Jackie Chan came in second with $61M and Matt Damon rounds out third with $55M.

Kanye Gives Photogs Yeezys
A while ago Kanye West told the paparazzi that he would get them his Yeezy shoes… which retail for $200… and it definitely pulled through. He showed up the other day with a bunch of his shoes for some freelance photographers.

Britney is Done with Men but Wants 3 More Kids
Britney Spears was on Carpool Karaoke last night, we learned some weird things. Watch it to learn what Oops I Did it Again is About (spoiler: she has NO idea) and to try and to see why she’s done with men.

MTV VMAs: Kanye Gets 4 Minutes
The MTV VMAs are on Sunday and MTV has reportedly given Kanye West 4 minutes on stage to do whatever he wants. They don’t know if he’ll be performing, talking or staying silent – but they’re prepared for as much as they can be. Meanwhile, Michael Phelps and the Final Five will be presenting at the VMAs (awesome), and AMP will be live-tweeting @1033ampradio.

Adele is Going to her Fans’ Wedding
Adele brought an engaged couple on stage the other night when they asked her to come to their wedding – to everyone’s surprise, she actually said yes because her world tour would be over by then. They jokingly asked her what her rate is, and she said she would do it for free. So awesome!

Aly Raisman Wants to Take Taylor to Newbury
Aly Raisman and Taylor Swift shared a little love on Twitter earlier this month when Aly offered to take Taylor shopping next time she was in Boston. Aly just revealed that she wants to take Taylor to Newbury Street, and also that she hopes to create her own athletic-inspired fashion line one day.

Ryan Lochte Picks Up Sponsor, Gas Station Becomes Tourist Attraction
Ryan Lochte has officially been charged in Brazil with filing a false police report (not a big deal – he won’t be extradited back there, and he’s likely to strike a deal where he just donates money somewhere)… meanwhile, he has also just picked up his first sponsor since many of his existing relationships were terminated – Pine Brothers cough lozenges saying is that they are “forgiving on your throat.” Ryan’s print and TV ads will play off the idea that he is asking the public to forgive him. Meanwhile, the infamous gas station is now a legitimate tourist attraction. A tourism company in Brazil is offering the stop as part of their US Olympic Road to Rio tour for visitors to the country.

SJP: See Ya Later, Epi-Pen!
Sarah Jessica Parker stood up to the makers of the Epi-Pen, which has increased the price of its two-pack by 500% since 2009. SJP’s son has a life-threatening peanut allergy, so not only does she use it in daily life but she actually works with and endorses the product. Yesterday, she made it clear: her relationship with the company has ended because of its actions. Good for her, seriously.

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