by Alisha Jackson

A Fifth Harmony fan took the lyrics to “Flex” a little too seriously when attending the group’s concert in Atlanta on Tuesday night.

You know those big plastic balls that get thrown around at concerts? Despite how giant they are, the air-filled balls are typically harmless. Well, unless they get thrown at something that isn’t harmless, like Camila Cabello‘s microphone.

Unfortunately, a fan flexed a little too hard when bouncing a giant plastic ball at Camila, which caused a chain reaction involving her microphone and her front tooth. Check out the footage of the ball accident below.

Camila Snapchatted a photo of her chipped front tooth out shortly after the show.

Camila's Snapchat Story (August 23rd). #camilacabello #fifthharmony

A post shared by Camila Cabello Snapchat (@camilasnap) on

Aside from sharing the accident with Harmonzers on social media, you’d never know that Camila chipped her tooth, as she kept on performing like nothing happened at the concert.

Even when she talked about it on social media, Camila acted like the whole thing was no big deal.

Way to be!


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