Amy Schumer: Hollywood Networking is BS
Amy Schumer confirmed pretty much what we all knew about networking in Hollywood: it’s such BS, and she hates it. She told Howard Stern that she can’t just pretend to be BFF with someone.

Jennifer Lawrence is Highest-Paid Actress
Jennifer Lawrence was just named Forbes’ highest-paid actress, pulling in $46M over the last year. Coming in second was Melissa McCarthy with $33M and third was Scarlett Johansson with $17.5M.

Emma Stone Sings for LaLa Land
We got another teaser for La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Last time, we heard Ryan Gosling sing and this time, we get to hear Emma sing.

Mariah Carey: No Beyonce in Our Bedroom!
There’s a great rumor going around that Mariah Carey’s fiance tried to get her in the mood by playing a Beyonce song – which did not sit well with Mariah, who picked up his computer – where the music was playing from – and threw it out the window.

Jay Z Pushes Fan Aside to Protect Bey
Jay Z was in protection mode when he and Beyonce were exiting a theater the other night. A fan ran up and tried to get himself a picture with Beyonce, and Jay was having none of it, so he put his arm out before the bodyguard could even step in to handle the situation.

Britney Spears’ Carpool Karaoke Teaser
James Corden released the teaser for the Britney Spears Carpool Karaoke episode that’s set to air tomorrow night. Watch her “sing.” ….sigh

The Departed TV Series Coming to Amazon
Martin Scorsese’s movie The Departed is being adapted as a television show for Amazon, though it will be taking place in Chicago instead of Boston. No set premiere date or casting has been announced. The original film won an Oscar for Best Picture.

A Singer Rigged his Car to Look like a Bomb
Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd is always getting into trouble… and this time, he rigged his car to look like a bomb would go off if someone tried to break in, because he was tired of people breaking into his car. Ha! His neighbors freaked out and called the bomb squad, but he wasn’t arrested. So odd.

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