Jonah Hill Hospitalized for Fake Coke on Set
Jonah Hill revealed that when he was filming for Wolf of Wall Street, he was doing fake cocaine every single day for 7 months while they shot scenes… the fake cocaine was made of Vitamin D powder, which seems harmless. But he said that he had to do so much of it for the movie that he eventually got bronchitis and had to be hospitalized for three weeks.

Mariah + Nick had Sex to “Hero”
Nick Cannon was in an interview and reminded the audience again that yes, he and Mariah used to get down to her songs… but he finally revealed exactly which song it was: Hero.

Barbra Streisand v. Siri
Barbra Streisand apparently isn’t a fan of the way Siri says her name – so she actually called up Tim Cook and asked him to change it, and he said it’ll be in the next iOS update on September 30th.

Kanye Offers Fan a Chance to Design for Him
Kanye West helped out a fan in a big way this weekend. Scooter Braun, Kanye’s business partner, stopped by Kanye’s Life of Pablo pop-up shop in LA when Kanye called him and asked to speak to a random person in line. Scooter chose a man who is an aspiring designer – and when the guy got on the phone with Kanye, he asked Kanye if he could show him some designs… and Kanye agreed. So they’ve set up a meeting. Oh, and he also hooked him up with some seats to his upcoming show. So cool!

Bieber Pays for Grieving Strangers’ Bar Tab
Bieber was at a bar this weekend when he noticed a bunch of strangers at the table near him crying. He asked the bartender what was up, and found out that one of their friends had passed away earlier that day. Bieber felt so bad that he covered their bar tab. Meanwhile, he partied it up with Rihanna in London this weekend and then hopped on stage to perform at a festival… he admitted that he was hungover, and fans were pissed because he was lip-syncing and said it was poorly done, at that.

Napster Founder Asked Gandalf to Officiate his Wedding
Napster founder Sean Parker offered Sir Ian McKellen $1M to officiate his Lord of the Rings-themed wedding dressed as his character Gandalf. Ian declined, saying that Gandalf doesn’t do weddings.

Katie Couric Cut Salary to Save Staff
It was just revealed that Katie Couric cut her salary by $1M in her last year anchoring CBS Evening News in order to save her co-worker’s jobs. She insisted that the cut help keep her staff in place, and also that it not be made public.

Lindsay Lohan’s Demands for Interview
Lindsay Lohan has been asked to appear on a Russian TV show – owned by the government – to talk about her break up from her boyfriend. Her list of demands is pretty serious: $500,000 British pounds, an extension of her Visa, a private jet, a penthouse suite at the Ritz Carlton oh – and meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Kim K Sends Lookalike Out to Distract Paps
Kim Kardashian wanted to get away from the paparazzi for a bit, so she sent out this friend of hers who kind of looks like her from a distance to distract the paparazzi while she was doing her thing.

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