Hulk Hogan Reacts to Gawker Closing
Remember when Hulk Hogan won his lawsuit against the web site Gawker after they published his sex tape? He was awarded $140M… and it was announced yesterday that Gawker will be shutting its doors next week.

Jewelry Company Slams Ivanka in Online Order
Ivanka Trump ordered some jewelry online, and the co-founders are NOT Trump supporters. So when they sent Ivanka her order, they sent her a personalized note, making it very clear: while they thank her for her purchase, they are not profiting off of her and are instead using that money to donate to charities more aligned with their views, like the Hillary campaign, Immigration organizations and gun safety organizations.

Team USA’s Sweet Swag Bag
Team USA picked up some serious swag at the Olympics this year… each Olympian got a personalized dressing room while they picked up their swag bag full of Nike gear. No word on the estimated retail value, but it included about 40 items, ranging from a water bottle to running shoes and plenty of sportswear.

Ben Affleck’s Movie Release Moved Up Again
Ben Affleck’s Live by Night movie, which was shot here in our area, will reportedly be moving up again. Originally it was scheduled for release in October of 2017, then it got moved to January, and now a co-star in the film said it’s being moved up to December of this year… just in time for award season.

Amber Heard Donates All $7M to Charity
Amber Heard has confirmed that she is donating all $7M of her divorce settlement with Johnny Depp to two organizations. The first, a division within the ACLU that specifically helps battered women, and the other, the Children’s Hospital of LA where she has worked as a volunteer for ten years. She also forfeited all residuals from Johnny’s movies that she was entitled to because there was no pre-nup. Amber made it really clear: this was never about the money.

Kanye West’s Pop-Up Shop in Back Bay
Kanye West announced that his temporary Life of Pablo pop-up shop will be opening here in Boston on Boylston Street in Back Bay. 899 Boylston, to be exact – your first shot at his merchandise will be 10a today.

Ryan Lotche Update
The US Olympic Committee CEO has officially apologized to Rio and the people of Brazil for the entire Ryan Lochte /robbery debacle. Brazilian Police are considering filing charges against them for filing a false police report. BTW – did you know that part of the reason Brazilian Police were calling BS on the entire thing was because they saw video of the guys afterwards, and they were all wearing their watches, and the police were like, if you got robbed, why on earth would they not have taken your watches?

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