by Alisha Jackson

Berlin’s Biennale for Contemporary Art has decided to showcase just how big of a star Rihanna really is by displaying an oversized art piece of the Barbadian singer outside.

Juan Sebastián Peláez’s giant headless bikini-wearing sculpture of Rihanna has been on display since June 4th, but it wasn’t until yesterday that it met its muse. RiRi is clearly proud to be displayed in the art piece, as she brought her family along to check out the larger-than-life sculpture with her.

RiRi, in bad girl fashion, couldn’t help but comment on her boobs in her Instagram caption. “Went to visit my boobs the biggest they’ll ever be,” it reads.

In addition to calling out her boobs, RiRi proved that it is indeed physically possible to kiss your own ass.

According to MTV News, the art piece is called Ewaipanoma (Rihanna), and it translates to the name of a mythical race of headless humanoids supposedly discovered by English explorer Walter Raleigh in Venezuela at the end of the 16th century.

RiRi isn’t the first celebrity to get Juan’s creepy face-splashed chest treatment. In February of last year he created a similar photo of Jennifer Lopez.

#jlo #redcarpet #acefalos #blemmyae #oscars #JuanSebastiánPeláez

A post shared by Juan Sebastián Peláez (@juansebastianpelaez) on

And women aren’t the only ones to wear their brains on their chest. Male athletes have received creepy chest faces From Juan, too.

#jlo #redcarpet #acefalos #blemmyae #oscars #JuanSebastiánPeláez

A post shared by Juan Sebastián Peláez (@juansebastianpelaez) on

It looks like RiRi appreciated the portrait of her. What do you think of his work?


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