Jared Leto: “Tricked” into Suicide Squad?
Jared Leto was talking about Suicide Squad and, although he hasn’t seen the movie yet, he said that he feels he was kind of tricked into doing it. He said it was pitched to him differently, and thought it would’ve been more artistic than what it came, and it’s hard for him to not be overwhelmed by the criticism.

Protestors Storm Amy Schumer’s Event
Amy Schumer was promoting her book at Barnes & Noble when a group of protestors ran in and started yelling at her for having worn a Canada Goose down jacket which they said harms animals in order to make it. She tried to calmly talk to them but no one would let her talk – and eventually they were thrown out. Her rep confirmed that she did indeed wear one, because she got it as a gift, and she never wore it again after someone informed her of the cruelty to animals.

Eddie Murphy, Dad of 9, has Never Changed a Diaper
Despite having been a father 8 times already, Eddie Murphy revealed that with his newest and ninth child, he has not touched her diaper. In fact, he says changing diapers is not his forte- he would be horrible at it, which is unfair to the kid, so he simply doesn’t do it. (My eyes have rolled so far in the back of my head that they are lost and I am typing without looking at the screen.) His youngest daughter is three months old.

Nick Jonas Performing at VMAs
Remember how I told you that Nick Jonas was initially upset when he was snubbed by the VMAs and didn’t receive a nomination, but then like a millisecond later on Twitter he turned around and was like, JK I’m cool? Well he’s going the extra mile to prove he’s fine with it all because he is performing at the VMAs this year. They’ll air August 28th.

Lady Gaga: Louisiana Donation & New Single
Not only did Lady Gaga announce a new single yesterday – Perfect Illusion hits in September – but she also announced that she and her family will be donating to the relief efforts in Louisiana.

JK Rowling Announces More Harry Potter
JK Rowling announced she isn’t yet done with the Harry Potter world after all… she will be releasing three new eBooks on Pottermore which will delve into secrets of Harry Potter characters. They’re set to be released September 6th.

Ryan Lochte Rio Robbery Story is Out of Hand
Rio Officials are still denying that Ryan Lochte and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint… they’ve even detained his teammates in Rio. Meanwhile, a Brazilian jiujitsu Olympian says he heard – and has evidence – that Ryan made the whole thing up in an effort to throw off his girlfriend because he was hanging out with other girls that night. There’s apparently video surveillance of him and his teammates laughing and in good spirits after the robbery, so people are calling BS on his story. Meanwhile, Matt Lauer spoke to Ryan and said that while Ryan claims he isn’t lying, Ryan’s story did change a little bit. AND, now there’s this: there’s apparently video of the swimmers getting into a fight with a security guard at a gas station when the robbery supposedly happened, and the guys reportedly shelled out cash and made up the robbery story to cover the whole thing up. (WHAT IS HAPPENING) This story is insane… and it keeps getting better and better.

Jennifer Lopez Surpasses Britney Spears
Jennifer Lopez just surpassed Britney Spears to become the show with the biggest single-night box office sales at Planet Hollywood. She pulled in one million in box office sales in one single night.

Michael Phelps Swimming with his Baby
Michael Phelps is back home and enjoying his first days of retirement. But he’s not done with the pool quite yet. His first stop back at home? His pool, with his fiance and their son Boomer. He said it was a great way to spend his first day of retirement. Too cute.

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