By: Eric Donnelly

This phone case is actually pretty dope.

Thanks to Eater, they discovered a phone case on Amazon that has a piece of fried chicken on it! Well…not exactly — it’s made of silicone, but looks completely real. The product is sold by Meerkat on Amazon.

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According to the reviews, it’s pretty sweet. “This is definitely something unique and a conversation starter! It does in fact look like some fried chicken. And the clear case that it’s glued to is way better then I expected. I honestly find the piece of chicken more of a useful object then just a conversation starter. The only down side is the price, it would get 5 stars if it were $20-$25”

The phone sells for $29, it fits a variety of iPhones and Android devices, AND is a Prime item. It’s a conversation starter for sure, plus who doesn’t love fried chicken?


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