Tracy Morgan: SNL Got me to Perform Again
Tracy Morgan opened up to Howard Stern about his recovery, noting that writing scripts with the SNL cast was what inspired him to get up and do stand-up again, because he saw how hard the cast was trying to pitch him their best stuff. Tracy also said that he was motivated to walk because his daughter was scared of his wheelchair, and because she took her first steps. He also wanted to walk his wife down the aisle with no cane.

Lady Gaga to Star in a Star is Born
The rumors were true. Lady Gaga is set to star in A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper starring opposite her and also directing. Meanwhile, it was also announced that Gaga is releasing a cookbook with her father, highlighting recipes from his Manhattan restaurant that was opened in 2012.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Finalize Divorce
Yesterday, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp finalized their divorce settlement. She got $7M, and the two released a joint statement, saying: “Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love.” It goes on to say that neither of the parties made false statements for financial gains – though TMZ points out that it doesn’t say that neither party made false statements – and also says that Amber will be donating proceeds of her settlement to a charity.

Calvin Harris Makes $400,000 PER SHOW
Calvin Harris has one again topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid DJs. He pulled in an estimated $63M before taxes last year. For each of his Vegas gigs alone, he pulls in about $400,000.

Zac Efron Flies to Rio, Flirts with Gymnasts
Zac Efron flew down to Rio to give Simone Biles a kiss on the cheek. The two had exchanged cute flirtation over twitter just a few days before that, but nothing more is happening between the two… for now. Simone, Aly Raisman and Zac were set to get some pizza together today, too:

Bieber: No Selena, You Can’t Apologize
TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber won’t give Selena Gomez the time of day to apologize for the words the two exchanged on Instagram. He apparently thinks she’s a hypocrite because she’s threatened to quit Instagram before too.

James Corden Kidnapped for Carpool Karaoke
James Corden revealed that he was kind of kidnapped by teenagers in London who forced him to do his own Carpool Karaoke with them. He said all of their phones were out and they sort of forced him into getting in the car to sing with them. Weird. Scary. Also funny.

Playboy Mansion Sells for $100M
The Playboy Mansion was officially sold, to a neighbor, an investment firm head honcho. The original asking price was $200M, though it “only” sold for $100M. Hugh will remain living in the house for the rest of his life, paying $1M in rent per year, and no renovations will be made until he passes. Hugh originally bought the house in 1971 for just over $1M.

T.Swift Donates $1M to Louisiana
Taylor Swift has donated $1M to the victims of the Louisiana Floods. She said it holds a particular place in her heart because she kicked off her 1989 tour there and is heartbroken that so many people have been forced out of their homes and some even have lost their lives.

Celebs Set for Stand Up to Cancer
Stand Up To Cancer has revealed its lineup for this year’s fundraiser, and it’s full of celebs: Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey…Celine Dion, Keith Urban and Little Big Town will be performing and the whole thing will be produced by Bradley Cooper. The fifth-annual fundraiser will air on Friday, September 9th.

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