by Alisha Jackson

It may actually be too late for Selena Gomez to say sorry, as Justin Bieber went ahead and made good on his threat to quit Instagram this morning.

After exchanging a series of heated Instagram comments, which were sparked by Selena’s support for Beliebers, Bieber didn’t just make his account private like he had threatened. Instead, he deactivated it altogether. To see the now defunct quotes of the couple airing out their relationship issues on Justin’s Instagram, click here.

After going as far as calling her ex out for cheating “multiple times,” it looks like Selena is regretting her comments, as she has taken to Snapchat to apologize for her actions.

“What I said was selfish and pointless” her completely black Snapchat reads.

Aside from his back-and-forth comments with Selena on Instagram, Bieber has yet to publicly address the feud.


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