Johnny Depp Cut Off his Finger, Wrote in Blood
According to court documents, Amber Heard says that Johnny Depp accidentally, severely cut his finger during a fight they had last year (a month after they got married), then dipped his finger in paint and wrote on a mirror that she had cheated with her co-star Billy Bob Thornton (WTF, gross). She has pictures to prove this. Amber has denied infidelity with Billy Bob, and Billy Bob also said it never happened – and that he is happily married.

Jennifer Lopez Poses for Pics with Ex & BF
Jennifer Lopez proves that divorce can be awesome – she invited her ex husband/baby daddy Marc Anthony and his new wife to her Vegas show – she shouted him out during the show, and even posed for a picture after the show with them…and her boyfriend, Casper Smart. Rock on.

Kris Humphries Swam Better than Phelps…
This is interesting… Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s 72-day-husband, was a swimming prodigy when he was younger – when he was 10, he actually competed against both Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte… and beat BOTH of them. But he got burnt out and played basketball instead.

Timberlake Crashes Wedding
Justin Timberlake crashed a wedding in New Hampshire this weekend when the bride’s dad spotted Timberlake at the resort and asked him to step in for some pictures. He was happy to, shaking hands and posing for pictures and wishing the couple congratulations. The couple was giggling and even apologized to him.

Selena Owns Up, Apologizes
The feud goes on – Justin Bieber reportedly accused Selena Gomez of cheating on him with none other than Zayn Malik. Then, we come to find out that he deleted his Instagram account. And oh, Selena Gomez later took to Snap Chat to say “What I said was selfish and pointless.” YIKES.

Bieber Dueting with Britney?
Oh, and there’s a rumor going around that Justin Bieber will be making an appearance on Britney Spears’ new album. The track is reportedly called Just Love Me and the album is due out later this month.

Katy Perry’s Shoe Line
Katy Perry is coming out with her own shoe line – they’ll be a mix of sandals, sneakers, stilettos and pumps – and they’re definitely going to be Katy-inspired. They’ll include vinyl, lucite and animal prints and will range from $60 – $300. You can buy them in stores next Spring.

Amy Schumer’s Book: Out Today
Her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is out today and we learned a few things about her – she’s slept with 28 guys, and her mom left her father because her mom had fallen in love with her best friend’s father. Yikes. Meanwhile, pretty flattering news for her… Meryl Streep was asked who she would like to have play her in a movie about her life – and the answer was Amy Schumer.

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