By: Eric Donnelly

If Kim Kardashian-West were to have another baby, her sister Kendall Jenner thinks she should name him or her South!

Vogue recently caught up with the top-model at the famed Kardashian household in Calabasas for another rousing episode of 73 Questions. In it, she talked about her family, her other model friends, and naturally Kris made ridiculous cameos throughout.

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Another interesting answer she delivered was when she stated that the one TV show she would want to make a cameo on would be The Bachelorette. @ Chris Harrison you need to make that happen to save the mess you’ve delivered with the past two seasons. Also, who knew she and bff gal pal Gigi Hadid have a slight family relation? So weird.

Click here to check out Kendall looking hot AF answering questions.


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