by Alisha Jackson

Gold is always in, which is why it was a perfect theme for Liam Hemsworth‘s sister-in-law, Samantha Hemsworth’s birthday party over the weekend.

The party had it all.

A golden horse:


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Gold outfits:

Gold shoes (on Miley Cyrus‘ bathroom floor):

... @mileycyrus bathroom floor...

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And let’s not forget those classic birthday traditions. What’s a birthday party without dirty-looking, drawn on balloons?


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Please note Miley and Liam’s inner circle shipping name, “Liley”, on the balloon below:

And can you really call it a birthday party without butt painting? Well yes, you obviously can. But these BUTTerflies are just too weird not to share.

The butterflies:


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And the butts:

Will you be bum painting at your next birthday?


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