Kevin Hart Ties the Knot
Kevin Hart tied the knot this weekend after being engaged for about two years. He and his fiance got married in California and he had admitted beforehand – he didn’t know much about the day, other than the guest list. He gave her a budget and told her it was her day to be happy.

Angry Johnny Depp Video Released
The Johnny Depp Amber Heard divorce is getting worse – there was a video released over the weekend of him very upset, in their kitchen, throwing things like a wine bottle and glass before picking up her phone after he notices that she’s taping him. Sources claim that the video is edited so it won’t help her in court, and she maintains that she herself did NOT release this.

Toby Keith: I Could Retire Off of Taylor Swift
Interesting tidbit- Toby Keith owns a piece of Big Machine Records, which is where Taylor Swift signed as a teenager. He said he could easily live off of the royalties from her record sales alone and wouldn’t have to do anything else.

Adele Turned Down Super Bowl, Gave Up Pizza
Adele confirmed that she was asked to perform at the Super Bowl next year- but she turned it down, saying that the show is not really about music and she herself can’t dance much, so it’s a no-go on her end. (PS, the NFL claims they never asked her to begin with.) Adele also took a second to clear up another rumor: no, she is not pregnant. AND THEN…she told the crowd that she is unable to eat pizza anymore and that it’s so devastating that, if Shakespeare was alive, he would write about it. She said that cooked tomatoes mess up her voice thanks to acid reflux. Literally the saddest news I’ve heard in a while.

Bieber Threatens Fans: Stop Being Jerks!
Justin Bieber is dating Lionel Richie’s 17-year-old daughter Sofia. He threatened his fans on social media that if they don’t stop hating on her, he will make his account private. Meanwhile, his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez reportedly commented-and-then-deleted her two cents, urging him to stop posting pictures of himself with his girlfriend if he can’t handle the hate, and keep their relationship special between the couple. She apparently also accused him of cheating on her when they were together, but who knows. We don’t know if these are photoshopped.

Chris Brown Wins BIG in Custody Court
Chris Brown just won big in court regarding custody of his daughter Royalty. His baby mama was asking for full custody, also that Chris have monitored visitation and his mother not be able to see her granddaughter, and finally that Chris submit to drug testing. She was denied on all accounts. Chris had fronted her money to pay legal fees involved with going to court against him – and since she lost so badly, she owes him that money back. Baby Mama was also going to ask for child support be upped from $2500 to $16k a month – but she dropped that request real fast. Chris continues to see his daughter 12 days per month.

Mariah Carey too Sexy for LA?
Mariah Carey just commissioned a sexy photo shoot to promote her return to Vegas later this month, and the billboards are reportedly too sexy – her boobs are hanging out and the businesses around the LA areas where the billboards are supposed to go up are petitioning for a censored version. Even Caesar’s, where she’s going to be performing, wants a censored version. She’s not happy.

North West Sells Lemonade for $100
Kim Kardashian’s daughter North got together with her cousins and friends to make an organic lemonade stand – and although it was only a dollar, Kim paid $100 for her cup. Too cute.

Stranger Things Killin’ the Netflix Game
Netflix’ new show Stranger Things was watched by 8.2M people in its first two weeks – which makes it Netflix’s third highest-rated show ever, behind Fuller House and Season 4 of OITNB.

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