By Hayden Wright

Twenty-two-year-old Australian, Sophie Saunders, believed she was recording a video for a local radio station. The challenge? To sing the song “Kill Em With Kindness,” by her idol Selena Gomez. Just as Saunders began singing, an unexpected guest crept into her bedroom—Gomez herself. Saunders saw Gomez in the reflection of her selfie camera and couldn’t even handle the wave of excitement that overcame her.

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Saunders has traveled around the world to see Gomez on tour — even Selena herself was impressed by the level of dedication. From a Gomez t-shirt to posters on her wall, it’s obvious that Sophie is the real deal. The pair posed for more selfies together after chatting and signing some autographs, but the encounter will forever live on video.

Watch Gomez surprise her biggest fan here:


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