by Alisha Jackson

Can you believe that the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is now in her last teenage year?! Yup, Kylie Jenner turns 19 today, and just in case the birthday girl wasn’t already going to be the center of attention on her birthday, she dyed her hair a vibrant scarlet red, fashioned it into cornrows, and sealed it with a kiss for the occasion.


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Oh, and she threw in a matching low-cut red bathing suit for good measure.


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But don’t worry, Kylie naturalistics, she didn’t really dye her hair. Or even braid it, for that matter. Kylie’s wig guy (who doesn’t have a wig guy these days?), Tokyo Stylez, is taking credit for her do.

Kylie will probably be rocking her brunette locks once again within twenty four hours or so.

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In addition to the new hair, Kylie also received a $190,000 Mercedes-Maybach from her wanted boyfriend Tyga, and her own personalized bouncy castle from Shopify.

Thank you baby @kinggoldchains

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Not too shabby.


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